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News: Leave the Moderating to the Moderators, kiddies!
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1  General Category / Forum Rules / Re: Forum Rules on: June 07, 2009, 04:35:38 am
Thank you very much, Laser
2  General Category / Say hello! / re: Hiya i'm Laserqueen! on: June 06, 2009, 01:46:52 pm
Hello Laserqueen! Welcome to the site! And it's MIKEYMIKEY not mickey  Embarrassed
3  General Category / Forum Rules / Forum Rules on: June 06, 2009, 08:11:45 am
The Rules

The admins and mods make the final decisions.
Moderators are not chosen randomly, trustworthiness, knowledge of these rules, and a lack of bias while moderating are part of the process. That means that they will know what to do at almost any time, and when they're not sure, they'll contact admins for advice. This means that they are unlikely to be wrong in their decisions, and that it's no use sending them angry PMs about it. Only if you're really, absolutely sure you should contact a moderator, do so in a polite PM while giving the name of the topic, the forum, and if the topic is still there, a URL.

Do not insult people, start flamewars, or anything similar.

We want to keep the forums the friendly place they are. That includes that people should be able to participate without the fear of being insulted needlessly. Therefore, don't insult people. Don't start flamewars or fights, and also, don't continue them - you're making things just as bad then. To summarize, Treat people like you'd want to be treated. This includes racism and similar.

No advertising.
You may not advertise for another site - after all, we want to keep our visitors. Only if a site has information not found on Pokemon Skyworld and it is relevant to the discussion, you should link. A link in a sig is okay.

No Spamming
That is, don't post multiple times in a row, don't post off-topic, don't post the same topic or post multiple times.

Post in the right forum.Speaks for itself, really. Take a look at the list of forums before you post.
Don't overquote Try trimming down your quotes to the minimum needed. It makes posts harder to read. Also note that if you reply to a quoted post inside the quote, this may not be visible, and your post will be deleted because of that.

Read the topic before posting.
Often, a question asked in the first post has already been answered in longer topics, and you'd just be repeating answers, or perhaps you're only repeating a question already asked by someone earlier. To continue this, take a look at the topics in the forums for an answer before posting a topic asking a question. The forum has extensive search capabilities, so use them.

Edit your posts, rather than writing a second one updating it.
Make sure your posts stay readable. Any post that contains a large number of smilies or characters in a row without spaces that does things such as causing a horizontal scrollbar to show up, or whose height is excessive, or excessively large images, will be removed. WRITING IN ALL-CAPS make it harder to understand your posts and is not allowed. Excessive repeating of one character, like '!!!!!!', is as well. We also appreciate reasonable attention to grammar and spelling. Not doing so makes it hard to read your posts and does nothing more than annoy people.

8.Let moderators make the moderating decisions.
We can decide ourselves what should happen with a topic, you don't need to do that. We also don't need you stepping into the topic to take care of it, and act as a moderator instead of those who are moderators. If needed, just report the post and we will make our own decision.

9.No Swearing
As you probably know, most forums don't allow swearing. Word like Damn, Crud etc. ARE allowed.

10.Don't make any "Official" threads.
This one is quite simple: You have no right to make anything official on these forums or to try and enforce policies on the forums, that's something left to the mods and admins.

11.Keep any content you post suitable for all members on the site.
We want our site and forums to be suited for the same people who can play the games, that means nothing related to sexual activities, no language unsuitable for them, and more. Feel free to apply a bit of common sense here.

12.Remember that the staff is human.
Be kind enough to treat them as such, keeping in mind that they have emotions, feelings and might not always respond as robots. A little bit of generosity and attention to the work they are doing goes a long way in keeping the site fun for them as well as you. This doesn't require constant agreement, but does ask for a bit of courtesy and respect.

And remember, have fun and enjoy your stay!
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